Autoblogs are lucrative – here’s evidence

Have heard the buzz about autoblogging? if you have ever tried auto blogging, you’ve probably been incredibly disappointed. Whether you use ‘caffeinated content, Robotic WordPress Plugin or Auto-blog poster system, you’ll have quickly realized that they don’t work that well. It doesn’t matter how many domains you purchase, or how thoroughly you choose your keywords, or even how energetically you try to throw up backlinks to them, you are not making any cash. You have also doubtless worked out why this is. If you’re still scratching your bonce, here is why. It is down to the fact each single autoblogging product ( with one exception – autoblogging ) uses ‘unoriginal content ‘. And search sites, particularly Google, detest non-original content. It does not matter whether your automatic blogging system scrapes Yahoo Answers, or raids some article catalog or other, or ‘repurposes ‘ PLR articles or forum posts – it’s all unoriginal content and not only will it NOT get you any cash, it will potentially get your sites banned by Google. The retailers of these older autoblogging systems know this, and that’s why they usually let you ‘uniqueify ‘ the text using silly pieces of script that swap letters for HTML control codes ( which does Nothing except warn the search websites that you are trying to ‘fool ‘ them ). Some even provide options to translate your autoblog posts out of the English language and back again, and this is far worse, because it always introduces syntax errors that raise the search website ‘warning flag ‘. Some use badly conceived ‘spyntax ‘ systems that attempt to make your text unique by replacing words with a thesaurus. To the search engines, of course, the ensuing screw ups make your blog look precisely as if it was either written by a baboon smacking the keys with a mallet, or that this was made by some kind of wannabe ‘blackhatter ‘ who does not actually speak any English. And the one thing Google hates more than copied content, is of course, blackhatters making an attempt to disguise the proven truth that they have got nothing apart from non-original content. So what’s the answer? Is it truly possible to build a blog automatically, and make cash with it? Yes! Snapcontent is the most sophisticated autoblogging tool ever created, and the sole automated blogging tool that will not pointlessly fill up your autoblogs with dupe content. In 30 seconds, your autoblogs can be posting original text on any subject you like. The text looks just as good as most hand-written blog articles, and even convinces human visitors that this is a ‘real ‘ blog, not a ‘splog ‘. Better yet, if you join up now, we’ll chuck in the amazing Snapcontent ‘comment ‘ poster that mechanically posts relevant comments on your blogs! To a search site, the number 2 giveaway that you’re running a spam blog is no relevant comments. This amazing bonus disentangles that problem instantly! How does autoblogging work? Simple. Download the plugin, install it in your WordPress enhancements directory, and set two options , such as your target keywords. Then all you have got to do is relax. You can set Snapcontent to post each day if you like, and you will be astonished by the standard of the posts it provides you. You get 1000 posts per month to propagate around as many blogs as you like, and you may NEVER see the same post twice. Now, you can try it free for Five days, and if you do not like it, just can your Paypal subscription which means that it will not have cost a penny. You can even keep the posts and comments it has published to your blogs in that time period, with our compliments. The extension is not encrypted. Actually you should never install encrypted code to your autoblogs because you haven’t any idea what it is intending to do to your webserver. Hint – most keyloggers are introduced in this manner. The system automatically perceives when you demand a kind of content we can’t currently provide, and within Forty eight hours, if support agree that your subject is valid, we are going to make content available for it. Here’s an instance of an autoblog made with Snapcontent. This demonstration blog is so creditable over 2 hundred folk each month try and post comments on it ( it does not accept comments – it does not have to because Snapcontent automatically commentss it ). Unlike previousautoblogs, Snapcontent Autoblogs are so good, you can not only use them as ‘PR channels ‘ to force traffic and PR to your ‘money ‘ internet site, you may monetize them directly with affiliate offers, CPA deals and such like. As WordPress blogs ‘auto ping ‘, you’ll rapidly start getting back links and track backs automatically, which should cause your traffic volume to increase naturally. Since they look like real blogs too, other folks will link back to you over time in a 100% natural way, and that, of course, is when the search sites begin to take you seriously. Better yet, if you leave the ‘guest post ‘ option enabled, your back links will start to pop up mechanically on bazillions of other site, spread across uncountable IPs and sites at no additional cost! In turn, your blogs will occasionally post a link stipulated by another Snapcontent member in your field that has the additional advantage of making your blog look a lot more ‘natural ‘. So what are you dithering for? Grab a free trial at now before the offering ends!